Life is about choices. Every choice you make can either be good for you or... less good. Imagine you had someone to help you organize your life in a way that leads you to make better choices naturally.


A kitchen that makes you eat well. A closet that makes you look good. An office that inspires you. A bedroom in which you sleep soundly. A dining room that brings together friends and family. A living room that allows you to rest and makes you happy. A home that heals.


Now imagine those changes are good for you, your community and the world. Summed up in three words: Less is more.


As a lifestyle curator, I adjust your living/working spaces to be more harmonious by helping you transform your possessions into things that bring you joy. I help you reduce excess, source treasures, and integrate it all into art. Functional, healing habitat that calms your central nervous system and reflects who you really are, or are becoming.

You can hire me for the initial make-over but ultimately its you who curates every aspect of your life. Keep what works and let go of the rest. Possessions, consumables, habits, activities, media, music, friends, time... curate it all! Life is creation. 


By designing a home we learn to make conscious choices on what ties us down and what sets us free. How and what to acquire and discard conscientiously. A more sustainable path towards living with a bigger heart and a smaller footprint on a healthier planet.