bo·he·mi·an -


an outsider.

a free thinker.

an artist


a seeker.

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The best way to describe my preferred style, the one I naturally gravitate towards, is bohemian: earthy, craftsman, rustic, industrial with modern touches, vintage, eclectic. My design choices are informed by extensive travels throughout Africa, Central/South America and Europe. Southern Africa, Spain and Morocco stand out as my favorite influences in furniture, floor coverings, fabrics and décor.


I am a lifelong photographer, a skill I bring to interior design by documenting the evolution of a space—not only to help define a client’s personal rate of progress towards a more organized, fulfilling life but also to help inventory a home; and to create a library of images that are yours to use when renting or ultimately selling your house.


A diploma in Graphic Designer informs my spatial intelligence and design psychology. As a Scuba Diving Instructor, I facilitated adventures into otherworldly physical realms that took people where they never thought they could go; as an environmental filmmaker and storyteller the journeys were emotional; as a yoga teacher, spiritual. As lifestyle curator, I bring together all those experiences and a deep love of Nature to encourage people to live more sustainably in ways that make them happy.

My life's philosophy informs how I design a living space. Its not always where you are but the direction you're facing—I'm not a minimalist yet but I've been moving in that direction for years. Less things have more value. Clearing your habitat clears your head and we could all use more of that, amiright?


With creativity and an eye for quality, everything can become art and your home can become a special place you, and others, love to live.