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bo·he·mi·an -


an outsider.

a free thinker.

an artist


a seeker.

The best way to describe my preferred style, the one I naturally gravitate towards, is bohemian: earthy, craftsman, rustic, industrial with modern touches, vintage, eclectic. My design choices are informed by extensive travels throughout Africa, Central/South America and Europe. Southern Africa, Spain and Morocco stand out as my favorite influences in furniture, floor coverings, fabrics and décor.


I am a lifelong photographer, a skill I bring to interior design by documenting the evolution of a space—not only to help define a client’s personal rate of progress towards a more organized, fulfilling life but also to help inventory a home; and to create a library of images that are yours to use when renting or ultimately selling your house.


A diploma in Graphic Designer informs my spatial intelligence and design psychology. As a Scuba Diving Instructor, I facilitated adventures into otherworldly physical realms that took people where they never thought they could go; as an environmental filmmaker and storyteller the journeys were emotional; as a yoga teacher, spiritual. As lifestyle curator, I bring together all those experiences and a deep love of Nature to encourage people to live more sustainably in ways that make them happy.

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