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CURATE Sometimes we need permission to let go of the old and tired. Let us help you choose quality over quantity. We sell, donate, gift, repurpose, recycle, use up and only as a last resort, throw away. Less things are better organized (which again saves you time) while the real treasures shine without the clutter.

DESIGN Classic elegance or rustic and user-friendly, we create any style you want — peaceful bedrooms, inspirational (chemical-free) kitchens, patios worthy of a wedding... No job is too small because small can have a big effect.

STAGE to sell. Wether to fill a house or empty clutter, the money you spend on a designer comes back tenfold when a buyer can visualize a balanced and beautiful home. Not ready to sell? Why not live in a comfortable and well-curated home until that day comes?

SOURCE Whether one specific chair or sourcing furniture, rugs and décor for a whole house, we find new and upcycled items that work, integrating them with your existing collection to create intentional, holistic art. 

HOSPITALITY Designing or upgrading vacation rentals includes all aspects of the guest experience. Not only furnishings and decor but the lived experience that results in repeat bookings. 

INSPIRE If you're feeling stuck in habits or belief systems that are holding you back, moving energy around can be life-changing. Air out your house, your mind, your heart. Attachment is our greatest self-cruelty. See what collaboration can do to inspire you to embrace change, dare to dream and live your best life.

The process  starts with a complimentary phone call. 

We talk about project goals, timeline and budget.

In-person consultation ($150/60-90 min): Allows for photos and measurements, we get to know each other and brainstorm ideas. 

Research and design: The real work, behind the scenes. 

You receive a design proposal with an estimate of costs for your approval. 

Order procurement: Sourcing, ordering, tracking, and managing all furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Installation: Once all furniture arrives and construction is complete, we curate, furnish and style.

You celebrate.

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