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You don't have time to think about a sofa

You already know sorting stuff takes up valuable time and space. I help you choose quality items to keep and unload the things you don’t need. We sell, donate, gift, repurpose, recycle, use up and only as a last resort, throw away. Working your way to the back of your shelves inspires a natural paradigm shift. Less things can be better organized, which again saves you time. Less is more. 


You can’t find the right sofa

Whether its one specific chair or sourcing furniture, rugs and décor for a whole house, I find upcycled or new items that work. I’m a natural born treasure hunter and I don’t give up until I’ve found the right piece. I integrate them with your existing things so it all becomes art. 


You don’t know where to put the sofa

You have many great skills but let’s say spatial intelligence isn’t one of them. If you want to update your home but lack inspiration or know-how, I’ll ask you a few questions to get a sense of your preferences and then apply that to bring warmth, beauty and functionality into your home. It doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Mostly you already have what you need and its the taking away that allows the necessary to speak. 


You're taking virtual meetings on the sofa

Does a pandemic have you working from a home you never anticipated would be an office? I live in a 1,300 square foot house with a living room that triples as an office and a dining room. Comfortably! It took some ingenuity to get it right, experience I can bring to your home to help you carve out a space dedicated to doing your work comfortably and professionally. 

A stranger will be sitting on your sofa

If you're renting your house with ten teddy bears on the bed, this one's for you. There's stiff competition these days on rental platforms like VRBO and Airbnb. Upgrades and attention to detail are essential for repeat bookings and maximum return. The money you spend on collaboration with a designer will come back to you tenfold and give you the added pleasure of not only satisfied but delighted clients. 

You'll move the sofa yourself

Whether for budgetary reasons or you just want to take a stab at it but need some guidance, I offer consultation on ways to turn your house (and garden or business) into a place you love to live and entertain. I can advise on ways to save money, where to shop, how to be more eco-friendly, how to coexist, guide you on using up consumables responsibly, de-toxify your home and ultimately, make it a sanctuary that allows you to be productive as well as rest well.


The sofa has to sell the house

Staging an empty house helps a buyer visualize a well-curated home. Staging a house that's not vacant is even more important to reduce clutter and personal items that can deter a potential buyer. Once things are organized, we create more balance and artistic details that show off your home beautifully and sell the house fast and for the highest offer.

Its not about the sofa

If you're feeling stuck in habits or belief systems that are holding you back, moving energy around can be life-changing. Air out your house and your mind at the same time. Maybe your heart needs airing out too? Attachment is our greatest self-cruelty. See what collaboration can do to inspire you to embrace change, dare to dream and live your best life possible.

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